Blog will be closing soon


Everything changes, and the time has come to close this blog. Roger is at work on multiple projects, but the world has moved on from blogs to social media, and we have to move with it, especially since the costs of operating a blog have escalated to the point where it’s unsustainable for a hobbyist fan blog. While Roger is not a social media person, you are also welcome to
. My direct messages box is almost always open, so sooner or later I’ll get back to you. If not, try again, because I’m almost certainly on the road. Anyone who asks and has a real email address is invited to join the localroger mailing list, which I sent out very irregularly. Unfortunately, even if you thought you were on it, you might want to double-check, because I lost most of the names due to not knowing how to save a mailing list…urghhhhhhh. I did say, “fan site,” not super-pro genius publicity site. So that’s what you’ve got to contend with…

While Roger is not available on social media, he is currently experimenting with creating a serial novel called, The Curators on the HFY subreddit. I strongly recommend you head there to join the discussion and to keep up with his fiction.

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