Singularity and Sociopathy With Roger Williams (Podcast Now Up!)

“Singularity and Sociopathy,” Episode 16 of SpaceTimeMind philosophy podcasts, is now up and ready for your listening entertainment. Roger writes from an outsider/literary perspective, but here he gets a chance to speak with some real philosophers about some of the ideas that informed The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect as well as his reading of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal. Enjoy! You can find the free YouTube audio podcast by clicking right here.

Don’t forget to visit the SpaceTimeMind blog for a complete list of their podcasts.. Roger also appeared on the previous episode, #15, and readers who love big ideas will find plenty more to intrigue them in the list.

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Localroger Appears on SpaceTimeMind…

Oh wow. A couple of philosophers, Pete Mandik and Richard Brown have formed a great website called SpaceTimeMind to discuss some of the big ideas of our time — or any time, really. They have devoted a page to Localroger.
Last week, the three of them sat down for a Google-plus hangout where Roger talked about a wide-ranging number of topics, including the writing of The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
The ultimate plan from SpaceTimeMind is to create an edited podcast that people can listen to. I also plan to pull out a few key quotes when I have the opportunity. However, for the time being, feel free to take a look at the raw video currently posted at The SpaceTimeMind blog. I think a lot of you will get a kick out of it.

They also have their own YouTube channel. Check it out.