The Mortal Passage Trilogy Now Available for Pre-Order, Roger’s Podcast on SpaceTimeMind, & More News!

The Mortal Passage Trilogy by Roger Williams, author of The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, is coming out on November 4 in Kindle and paperback format. In addition to Passages in the Void, The Passage Home, and Mortal Passage, this complete edition will include a fourth side story, Rite of Passage.

By the way, if you came here from SpaceTimeMind, welcome. You’re welcome to ask for an Advance Review Copy too if you like…

The new book is the 10th anniversary edition of the same Mortal Passage stories that have been available online for free for many years. In fact, they’re still available for free, but a number of people have asked for convenient Kindle editions or souvenir paperback editions.

I believe Roger’s podcast on SpaceTimeMind airs on October 15th. More information about that REAL soon. Roger’s podcast is now up at SpaceTimeMind. Enjoy.